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PROJECTSPosted by SarahFJ 2012-11-06 15:09:01
Long time ago, I bought one of those dolls you have for making clothes. I called her Gina. Unfortunatly, it/she was not in the best condition, so I had to put her in for emergency surgery. You might not know the feeling, but imagine you have something very old and voulnerable that is about to breake, and in order to fix it you have to pick the whole thing apart, piece by piece, with the knowledge that only YOU can save if IF you manage to put it back together after the repair id done.

Well I must say I was a bit scared, but the surgery went well and Gina is now looking better than ever. Now she can help me designing clothes for years to come.

Now for the Before/After photos:

Total resturation compleeted.

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